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And Adam said. This is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh; She shall be called woman because she was taken out of man.

Let me start by saying; enough of all, I need to be sure if she is the one if he is the one,I need a confirmation then you go visit the pastor and ministers to get confirmations, to be sure if someone is meant to be your life partner, then you parade and merrygoround about asking for peoples comment, views in making the most delicate and trasforming decisions of your life, my dear something is wrong with somone and we will need to figure it out here. Who is that person that told you to do all these to be sure.

Who told you doing this will save you from making that bloody mistake ?

Who told you that will make you chose right?

Stop confusing yourself 

Counselling is good, its helps but you’ve got to make your own choice on that very area of your life.

Halleluyah Olatunji says in his writeup on this same subject “See the confirmation you are looking for is not from you… Its in you, its in your mind, its in your spirit and I concur with this. Why? Let me explain.

Lets see the Record of creation, in the beginning( genesis) in Gensis1 was the conception of creation in the mind of God, before the commencement of creation. Now God says let US (plurality )create man(spirit) in our own image see Gen2:26-27, God now created the Male-man and the Female-man with the equalization of Gods spirit (man) inside of them both. Now they became a 3dimesional being, who is a spirit, having a soul now living in the body.

Coming down to chapter two of the book of the beginning verse 22, the Bible says the Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from man and brought her to the man(NASB)

 Another version says build up. Now note , inside this woman is the spirit Man created. in the spirit man created in the image and likeness of God(Spirit)

Coming down to verse 23. When Adam saw this fashioned product in amazement the spirit inside of him connect and confirmed that this is the bone of bone and flesh of his flesh and she shall be called woman. That’s a response from his spirit Man, it wasn’t recorded that Adam asked God any question, Why? God’s spirit is present inside of him already. 

Let’s now come back home, fellow Christian youths that have been redeemed and transformed through Him. Has His spirit departed from us? That we now need to run helter skelter to make that delightful choice that should have been in Him at ease. 

He’s expectation is that through you He will have a Godly seeds; automatically he is expecting you to know His expectations on you and that by the time you meet that person through which the Godly seeds will be raised your spirit being must confirm it.not to ask a friend your friend either to say Yes or No. See the truth in this when the right person comes your way he or she connect with your sprit and a trascation of communication will take place, its not just going to be that physical attraction because anything fashioned by God is attractive and beautiful but not the appearance that determined what its produced.

Here is my Submission

Love is a knowing, the word Bone of my Bone visualize a biblical equality and mutuality and how is that possible? Its in the spirit.

Adam was living unworried, unlonely but alone busy fulfilling purpose, doing all God is expecting him to be doing, and God saw that it is not good enough for this man to be alone; now the moment the fashioned product came around Adam felt in his spirit that this wonderful creation should be called a woman. Why ? Adam was fulfilling purpose and Eve was created to accompany him, to be a counterpart, not merely by feelings and sense-his flesh- but in his solid qualities.

Adam had a spiritual connection that gives him a prove. Likewise you must have same.Am I discouraging going for counseling? No 

But my Submission is if He has created you to know, so why Brothering your minister with your wahala. Counselling is good oooo get me clearly, mentoring is awesome but your confirmation is the greatest. Even if you are to go to your minister the decision is still yours. 

Whatever anyone tells you is just a reaffirmation of your confirmation, you are meant to know it yourself. Above all Icor2:9-10 However, as it is written, No eyes has seen, no ears has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.10. But God has revealed it to us by His Spirit searching all things , even the deep things of God. 

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