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 Young lady, I think it’s time we talk. Over the years,continuous study and experience bring notices that many proves hard-to-get to brothers because you don’t want them to think you are cheap ; but deep down inside of you, you are . Wow! What a great battle of the mind you can’t easily win, Here is the truth that always lays buried “NO BODY DROP’S WHAT IS PRECIOUS AND HAVE GREAT VALUE”.

Overtime what had happened to many ladies has affected their thinking and mindset, now It has been the issue of self-worth; either cheap or not. Some feel cheap, low, inadequate and eventually throws themselves around, or being to take decisions and steps that shows no level of self-worth. Note; “Not all brothers are brothers so you need to bother about your own brother” please be sure if he is real or not. But that’s not where we are going. This is where we are going. MY DEAR SISTER; YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE INSECRET. Okay? 

 Time as unveiled to us the pure truth, that many of you deal with yourselves worthlessly with the unbelievers and you want the believers to deal with you with a sense of worth. NO; its not possible my dear, your worth is shown when you are with your course mates, hostel mates, etc., it’s even as worst as this some are SINGLE at home but MARRIED in SCHOOL; (cohabitating ). Well-done ma, don’t be surprise we know all this things and the truth is this if you are so cheap that they touch your Bobs, breast and Lap anyhow; then you are cheap indeed, many even smile at it and say stop jor, stop jor, my dear you foolish, hum is that harsh? Kind-of but that’s who you are in that very state. Nobody just sees Gold, diamond and many other precious things anyhow because it’s as great value. Hello, yeah am talking to you, WHAT IS YOUR VALUE LIKE?

No brother will drop you, no brother will take you for granted if you are not cheap. Please don’t think we are not seeing how los you are especially around males out there. The value we give to you as in Christ as an expensive sister is been measured most times by that, If you have worth the so corrupt community will respect you and that’s how they rate you that way because they can see it themselves “NO BODY DROP’S WHAT IS PRECIOUS AND HAVE GREAT VALUE”Please, place value on yourselves and on your body, Do not dress half naked to attract us because we will only lust after it, keep yourself safe with value; your body is sacred and holy; keep it that way. See the value you will worth. Cheapness in the heart and the way you present yourself. You become cheap when you give away frivolously the precious things of womanhood. Please, let be frank here don’t allow cheap treatment from anyone.


The followings are my close observations which you must note and put a stop to.

Don’t please and Stop pushing yourself on any male (brother) please stop it now, stoop!!! 

Don’t propose to him; It’s his duty, so let him do the talking.

Don’t dress half-naked to get him sexually attracted to you. You will regret it if you do.

Stop opening your lap anyhow; please close your shop we are not interested 

Stop rubbing your hand on his chest and beers and lots more because if you do any of this, the result will be unpleasant to you.

Implications of Observation

 A man will soon think and feel you need him badly and take advantage of you not any heart commitment to you.

Giving you a ride so he can touch your lap

Paying your meal and planning to take you to bed, ( we can be decisiveat times I need to generalize it because am also a male. Be aware, don’t be a victim)

Helping you physically to take things that money can’t buy from you, be aware.

Please go away from brother that always relate with the female around them sexually, Do not be lose too. Even in courtship, “Don’t operate in courtship as if you are married you will lose out physically, emotionally and spiritually”. Don’t try to please a sinful man that lust after you sexually because after it all, he will still drop you for to go for what has a Greater value. Then you fill robbed again-A sense of cheapness set in.


Biblical Guidelines

Please dear reader, you are created with dignity and value, so don’t let anyone, anyhow, from nowhere treat you cheap. Have you been living cheeped before? God restore dignity to your life (Isa 54:10-12)

Rediscover yourself in God; you are special to God, to your parent and some few friends. Being special to God .Treatyourself the way God expect you to be treated.

God saint(Ipet2;9)

Gods child(Rom8;16)

A pillar in Zion (ps144;12b)

A fruitful vine (ps128;3)

A valuable helper( Gen2;18-23)

A builder(Prv14;1)

A flourishing palm tree(Song of solm7;7)

Walk in respect, honor and integrity as its expected of you. “NO BODY DROP’S WHAT IS PRECIOUS AND HAVE GREAT VALUE” 

Walk in the consciousness of your status in Christ Jesus;Get rid of sin, worldliness and mediocrity. Let your thoughts, desire, secret wishes, words, action and appearance be that of dignity reflecting Gods glory.

Pressure against the biblical standard 

There is a fight in the globe a great fight against Gods biblical Standard. Are you the product of your bad influence around you? Please you will need to wake up. 

They tell you that coming from a humble background means to be cheap? I said NO

Wearing of cheap clothing at a stage in your life means to be cheap? I said NO

Using of some cheap Accessories means to be cheap? I said NO

Influence of the world, on social standard of living.

There are levels and stages to life so enjoy your own growth process, don’t jump, stop jumping.“If you want to appear before your time, you will disappear before your time” 

A call to follow Biblical the biblical Standard

 If you feel cheap you will not play for the high stakes in life in terms of reaching out for your destiny, embarking on good, God ordained career for you, marital choice. Etc. Believe in God and yourself Ph4;13. Do live fear in this degenerating world you are not cheap; you are no longer Cheap’ know your place in Christ and live in its awareness

Live with sensitivity

Do continuous self examination.

Flee from anything that can easily enslave you.

Pray continuously.

Study the manual for living ( BIBLE).


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WHETO SAMUEL .O is a distinguished public speaker and a communicator. He is an inspirational, motivational and eloquent orator, writer,teacher of the word , A mentor, A leader that as served in different capacities. His motives includes; self discovery, purpose,academics,relationship, leadership and mentorship. He as been doing this work of reconciliation for some years now, with is combinations of knowledge in education,psychology, theology. He strongly believes in HUMAN POTENTIALS , He believes that you are created to achieve a specific purpose in life. He is presently undergoing his HND programme in architecture at FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC ILARO. He is the president of great institution known as: Golden world of insight international.

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