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PRESERVE YOUR DIGNITY AND PRESERVE YOUR DESTINY “preservation of dignity is the preservation of destiny”

First what can we understand by word preserve; the oxford advance leaners dictionary defines it to be the act of keeping a particular quality, features.

Dignity: a sense of your own importance and value

Destiny :what will happen to someone in the future especially things that they cannot change.

Now having seen the dictionary meaning of our terms , can we therefore says that preservation of dignity is the act of keeping ones quality of value that gives him or her a sense of importance .

Preservation of destiny is therefore the process of consciously and jealously keeping one’s future.

Now here is the question ,

how can you keep your dignity?

Do you even have any or posses any?

In the poetic book of the bible (proverbs) the word of the wisest king ever lived pen down in proverubs5:1” my son pay attention to my wisdom listen well to my words of insights 2 that you may mentain discretion and your lips may preserve knowledge now when you continue to read that text you see there a description of someone the son will need to abstain from, its description was that ( verse4 she is better as gall, sharp as a double –edge sword,5 her feet goes to death , her steps lead straight to the grave 6. She gives no thought to the way of life , her path are crooked, but she know not.

Now he gave a warning again

7. now then my son, listen to me , do not turn aside from what I say

8. keep to a path far from her .( not near her but far from her) why? Verse9. Lest you give your best strength to other and your years to one who is cruel. Back to our definitions we defined preservation of dignity as an act of jealously keeping ones quality of value that gives him or her a sense of importance and in proverbs 5:9 king Solomon was saying lest you give your best strength ( meaning lest you give out your dignity, what is your virtue out to others and years to one who cruel} why must he not give his strength and why must you not give your strength and dignity, why do you and why will you need to preserve your dignity ? see verse 12. At the end of your life you will be grown, when your flesh and body are spent. You would have destroyed yourself completely and your destiny would have been messed up right from that moment.

Now lets come back home and analyze our dignity status and picture our destiny . its heart breaking seeing dignities been messed up day by day, some lives are even been supper messed up, some dignities have been abused, some temples have been turned into a market place, I pray may God forgive you in Jesus name. may be you don’t know before , now you know, may be you don’t know that its leads faster to death and takes to grave on time now you know. Maybe you don’t even know its sinful because your body is the temple of the living God now you know. I said in one of my articles titled NO BODY DROPS WHAT IS PRECIOUS AND HAVE GREAT VALUE.

I stated it clearly that you are very precious than you think, you are not cheap only if you believe and live as not cheap. I stated it clear in that write up that your life is been evaluated by the way you live your life and that’s the way you will be rated in dealt with.

How are you living your life?

Who and who do you allow to have access to your life?

Who and who is influencing you.

Who are the people having influence on your life?


If Satan is about to destroy a life and dignity he brings people that will influence him or her negatively and before you know it that particular life and destiny is destroyed. Preserve your destiny and preserve

your destiny.

Late Mohammed ali said to her daughter hana, everything that God made valuable in this world is covered and protected, where do you find diamond? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected , where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the oceans, covered up and protected in the beautiful shell, where do you find gold? Way down in the mine , covered over with layers and layers of rock; you’ve got to work to get them, your body is sacred. You’re for more precious than diamond and pearls and you should be covered too. So why showcasing what will eventually destroy you? Why projecting what should be preserved and reserved for your own very best,. Preservation of dignity is the preservation of destiny.

Give a listening ear as king Solomon has advised and lean to be an habitual doer of the word of God. Until the word of God becomes a habit in your life , faith will be indistinct. Nothing guides and protect dignity and destiny than the word of God , you are a product from a manufacturer and the manual he has given to guide your life and preserve your destiny is the bible , study it and be an habitual doer of the word and your life will be distinct .

preserve your dignity and preserve your destiny.

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