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SELF MATTERS( using what is in you) my study on the subject of self in discovery and destiny as projected to me a clear need for concentrating on self.
There is a gold mine hidden in every life. Nature never made a failure. Every man as success hidden away in his soul. No one else can find it but himself.
He holds the key to the hidden room. Failure comes because we tried to find it somewhere else. You can’t find it anywhere else.
Success, victory, achievement are in you. The exceptional people are those who develop what is within them.
Those young people you wanna be like became a winning fame and success because they developed what they had in them. Develop yourself, all you’ve got is okay, if you can use it properly and make it a commercial value .
Genius as grown to weeds, just because they did not develop the things they had. I know it calls for hard work but you must love and lean to live with hard work. There is no great gold nuggets lying on the earth surface now. You have to go down into the earth for them. you must dig for them.
You want the applause of the world? You want money to buy fine clothes and build splendid house? Awake young men. Go find that hidden place in your own nature. Dig until you have conquered.
Creating your life from the inside is your responsibility
The life which is unexamined is not worth living – Plato
sometimes, somehow we learn who we really are and then live with that decisions. There is a gold mind inside of you, #dig it up#
All about Insights.
Samuel Wheto

About archysam2015

WHETO SAMUEL .O is a distinguished public speaker and a communicator. He is an inspirational, motivational and eloquent orator, writer,teacher of the word , A mentor, A leader that as served in different capacities. His motives includes; self discovery, purpose,academics,relationship, leadership and mentorship. He as been doing this work of reconciliation for some years now, with is combinations of knowledge in education,psychology, theology. He strongly believes in HUMAN POTENTIALS , He believes that you are created to achieve a specific purpose in life. He is presently undergoing his HND programme in architecture at FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC ILARO. He is the president of great institution known as: Golden world of insight international.

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